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Bowen therapy is a gentle form of body work, that is highly effective for pain relief and is safe for everyone. Great for treating newborns to the elderly, pregnant, nursing, sports injuries, accident victims, anyone experiencing any type of pain or any condition not getting better!


Bowen Therapy is a manual, hands on therapy, applied to tight muscle groups, with specific procedures. There are pauses between each procedure to allow the muscles to respond and unravel. The technique acts upon the fascia and the nervous system to address the root cause of musculoskeletal and neurological pain, as well as many other ailments.

Problem areas may be tender, but the moves are light and quick, like plucking a guitar string. The Bowen procedures generate neurological impulses, which trigger the brain and nervous system to relax muscles, tendons, ligaments, releasing pinched nerves, tension and stress. What follows is a heating up or cooking feeling, which disperses the inflammation out of the body. Followed by relief of pain. After 3 treatments, relief is long lasting. Because the body has self adjusted without forceful encouragement it lasts longer than most therapies. This can happen immediately or take up to three days. With walking and plenty of water, the response to the Bowen dissipates quickly and allows the body to improve strength and stamina, without pain. I noticed most results occurs after the 2nd treatment. Treatment for one issue, can help balance and improve the health of the entire body. There is a Bowen Procedure for every part of the body. So depending on where you are having problems, that’s where I focus with the Bowen. Each person receives a customized set of procedures which would be modified each visit. I am able to work on many different issues within one treatment session. Bowen Therapy turns off pain and inflammation. It is best to avoid heat/cold therapy during Bowen, walk daily & drink water before and after your treatments.

Bowen Therapy works because it helps realign the body back into balance thru the muscular and nervous systems. If all muscular imbalances could be released, the whole body would regulate itself and in this process, the pain and symptoms would vanish and energy levels would increase. Bowen Therapy introduces a state of ease and well-being. Kind of like a factory reset of all your muscles and central nervous system.

Bowen Therapy is a cost effective pain treatment, because most problems, improve by 75% to 100% after 3 treatments! Clients have found the Bowen Therapy less painful than other types of Bodywork. Clients have said that it provides long lasting relief, more so than any other non drug therapy treatment. Clients have said PAIN will move from one side of the body to the other and dissipate. Clients have said they feel much cooler since having Bowen. I notice after one or two procedures of Bowen, the body lies flatter and more comfortable on the table. Bowen actually helped with scoliosis and hip misalignment right before my own eyes!

Dr. Robert Flemming M.D.

“After 30 years of medical practice, I am finding the Bowen Therapy the most effective and efficient, hands on procedure I have ever studied. I fully recommend this technique to all health practitioners”

Please give this treatment a try for your health and wellness.

Bowen back move

What is Bowen Therapy?  How does it work?

Bowen Therapy originates from Australia, created by Tom Bowen.

Tom Bowen was very successful in his Career and had Several “Boys” Observed his work for Years. It is these Boys that Carried Bowen Therapy Forward Today!

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, hands on, connective tissue therapy. The Procedures are applied to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerve bundles and Japanese Acupressure Points.

BT helps to loosen tight muscles and tighten loose muscles to allow the body to reset its alignment. Bowen Therapy helps to eliminate most pain quickly and efficiently in 3-5 treatments. 

Bowen Leg move

What are the Benefits of  Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy helps to restore function and balanced to the body

Bowen Therapy Eliminates musculoskeletal/myofascial pain, including pain in lower back and tailbone. Bowen Therapy allows the body to realign, increasing proper blood and oxygen flow.
BT Turns off Inflammation thru a “cooking” process, where the body vents inflammation, reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.

BT will be addressing many issues in one Treatment, 3 Treatments Resolves Most Issues 


Bowen treatments have a wide range of applications. Through practical experience, Bowen Therapists have been increasingly expanding the range of conditions that the technique has been found to effectively treat.
The following conditions show substantial improvement under the influence of Bowen Therapy treatments.


Back pain, chronic and acute

Tennis Elbow

Arthritic pain




Postural problems

Leg length discrepancies

Shin Splints


Foot and ankle problems

Heel Pain

Sacro-iliac Pain

Pelvic Problems

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Frozen Shoulder and pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sporting Injuries

Tight Hamstrings

TMJ Syndrome


Gait Disorders

Plantar Fasciitis


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

Hammer Toes


Knee and Hip Restrictions




Hay Fever


Bowel Problems
Crohn's Disease Colic


Acid Reflux
Gas Pain


Breast Lumps
Irregular Menses


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Tinnitus Ear ache & ear infections
Bladder control in adults
Prostatic Problems
Restless leg Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Herniated Disks
Bells Palsy
Stroke Recovery
Kidney issues

Auto Accident Injuries
Balance Problems
Bed wetting in children
Autism Spectrum
Trigger Finger
Breast Pain


Ready about their condition and what our clients have to say about Bowen Therapy results!

M. Age 23, TOS Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, chronic pain and tingling in hands, cluster migraines, Limited range of motion and stamina in arm and shoulder strength.

“Saw improvement in range of motion, less pain, stiffness in the shoulders. Some relief extended to upper arm and base of neck. Cluster migraines, less frequent and less severe. I am continuing with Bowen treatments and would recommend Bowen Therapy to friends and family.”

M. Age 86, Severe Scoliosis of lumbar, bad pain groin to buttock thru hip, lower chest pain.

“2-3 hours after 1st treatment, was in a lot of pain and considered not continuing, that dissipated in a day or two, Had a great sleep, days with out pain, increase in urine output. Back is feeling much better, taking less pain medication, more relaxed and lying flatter on the table. Legs less swollen, more calm and relaxed”

F. Age 65, Lack of Agility and Range of Motion in both knees.

Right Knee replaced 2012 other knee needs replacing.

“1st treatment found quite painful knees very tender and sore for 4-5 days

2nd and 3rd treatment much better (40-50%) improvement in agility and range of motion.

I liked that it addressed the issue of the tension and inflexibility of the muscles around my knees. I am continuing with the Bowen and Yes I recommend it to my friends and family.”

M. Age 52, DDD, Neck and Back Pain.

Pain moved from one side of the body to the other side after the 2nd treatment, I slept for 2 hours, got up and felt 90% better. I was amazed! At least 2 weeks relief of constant pain. After 3rd treatment, fell asleep right on the table! I definitely recommend Bowen Therapy to friends and family”

F. Age 60, Pain in legs from knee to thigh and leg twitching.

Muscles were sore after 1st treatment, but soreness didn’t last as long as massage did.

“Bowen has my legs less painful, not having twitching at night. Yes I will recommend it to friends.”

F. Age 40, Candidate for knee surgery, sciatica, restless leg, many food intolerances.

“After 1st treatment, had some sore areas, upper back and shoulder, by next day was gone, was sitting a lot, drove to Buffalo. Sciatic had been good, even with driving and sitting, noticed slept better and calmer. After 2nd treatment, feet less cold, increased bowel movements, sleeping has been better, sciatic no trouble. Leg length rebalanced!”

F. Age 61, Chronic migraine headaches, sore stiff neck and shoulders.

“There was some discomfort in a few area, but that just showed me where I needed help ie. TMJ , didn’t realize how bad it was. Jaw sore for several days following 3rd treatment. The migraine, headache treatment felt wonderful as did some of the other movements. I will definitely talk about Bowen Therapy to friends and family and encourage them to try it!” 

F. Age 59, Scoliosis, DDD, bulging discs, stiffness in neck, lower back pain, sinus and sleep problems.

“Felt an immediate improvement in back and range of motion. Completed 25 km bike ride and back maintained usefulness 75%! Given me hope that recovery or at least substantial recovery/reduction of pain is possible! Allowed me to be more physically active. I would recommend this therapy to friends and family.”

F. Age 52, MVA, 2 major falls, Hip tilted, leg shortness, neck and spine creaking, pain between shoulder blades.

“I felt relaxed after 1st treatment, noticed less pain in hip right away, slept better even on the hip, next day was in a bad mood, half day, a bit of letting go, has been very busy and productive since then. Enjoying treatments!”

F. Age 74, Dizziness Problem and Restless Leg Syndrome

“Felt strange after 1st treatment, I felt good all over, but my legs were a bit wobbly. It helped me with my dizziness 100% and my Restless Leg Syndrome 75%. My chiropractor was amazed! Yes I would recommend it to friends and family.”

F. Age 28, 4 months Pregnant, pelvis pain, lower back pain.

“I noticed next day I was a bit sore, right leg felt like it wanted to give out, followed by a good week, more active, felt more normal, felt less pain. Walking helps with the aches.”

F. Age 32, Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain, Carpal tunnel Syndrome popping or grinding, lower back pain, tight chest.

“After 1st treatment no pain in shoulder and elbow. Everything getting better almost 100% after 4 treatments. Sustained improvement! I recommend Bowen Therapy to everyone!”


No, if you are wearing light, thin clothing the moves can be done over clothes, however, if wearing jeans, there are times clothes need to be moved to accommodate the procedures.

Yes! Most people start to feel better right away! I find most results may happen after the 2nd Treatment. I recommend the 3 pack Bowen Treatment.

Yes, Bowen therapy is Safe for Pregnant Moms. Tailbone area to be avoided. Bowen Therapy, helps a lot with the pains and strains of pregnancy! Also Safe for babies who may be colicky, congested or with a wry neck.

Not recommended for the duration of the treatment time. It is recommended to avoid heat and cold therapies, which may cause muscles to fall back into old holding patterns.
Soaking in the tub with Epson Salts in between Treatments is helpful for pulling out the Inflammation and using a local muscle rub, like Voltaren. 

Bowen Therapy is not normally covered, however, some insurance companies such as Manulife have a “Health Fund” that does cover Bowen Therapy and other Holistic Treatments. It is an additional premium. The Great News is Bowen Therapy is Fast and Effective in Relieving your Pain. Well worth it, Less than the price of most Prescriptions! Don’t Suffer Another Day. Book your Appointment Today!

It is recommended to come for three treatments, one week apart.  Followups, After the Initial Treatments, is usually once, every 2-6 Months. 


All Regular and Specialty Bowen Treatments Listed Below.


30min. Treatment $50
60min. Treatment $90

Bowen moves on the spine to help clear physical and
emotional energy from the central nervous system.
Helps to increase energy.


3 x 30min. Treatments $130
3 x 60min. Treatments $210

Most Popular. Greatest result
by having 3 treatments.
Save More with the 3 Packs


Bowen Lymphatic Drainage

$80. per 60 min.

Feather light touch for the whole body to help boost the immune system, stimulate the lymph system and is particularly good for painful bodies. Good for people with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Bowen Chakra

$50. per 60 min.

Bowen moves on the spine to help clear physical and emotional energy from the central nervous system. Helps to increase energy.

Victoria's Holistic Day Spa Web Site Image 1010

Bowen Planter FasciitisTreatment

$60. per 45 min.

Soak, BowenTherapy for foot and knee, with foot taping to hold foot in place.

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Bowen Bunion

$60. per 45 min.

Specialized soak & Bunion Bowen procedure to break down and loosen toe joint. Helps to reduce pain and swelling.

Victoria's Holistic Day Spa Web Site Image 1012

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