Holistic Massage Services Offered


De-Stress with a Relaxing Holistic Massage.


Lymphatic Drainage Style Massage.

An ancient art and science of using pure essential oils for healing and nurturing. Plant oils are custom blended to meet your individual needs. Natural oils are massaged gently & absorbed into the bloodstream, clearing physical and emotional toxins, pain, stress & negativity.

What is Aromatherapy? What are the Benefits FAQ's Prices
Essential oil being dripped onto palm of hand

What is an Aromatherapy
Back/Body Treatment (AT)?

Our AT is a holistic massage, using essential oils for boosting health and wellness. Essential oils are custom-blended, based on the needs of the client and their health history. Essential oils are steam distilled from trees, plants, flowers. They are made up of naturally occurring, chemical compounds. Essential oils enter thru our skin and respiratory system. This relaxes the mind, thru our sense of smell and the body with a lymphatic style of massage. Pressure points around the shoulder blades and spinal channel, are applied. Which help drain toxins away from the spine and CNS. It is Recommended 1 AT per month for general stress and tension.

Woman having an Aromatherapy massage

What are the Benefits of Aromatherapy Body Treatments?

Treatment is great for dry skin giving an all-over relief from dryness.

All natural Moringa oil and Coconut oil used as the base oil with essential oils custom-blended.

Stimulates circulation and boosts immune system.

Gently alleviates sore tired muscles.

Helps one to unwind before or after a holiday.

Very relaxing for body, uplifting, balancing effect on mind.

Aromatherapy FAQ's

Health history will be taken, essential oils custom-blended, professional towel technique, expect to be relaxed, may feel like jello, best not to plan anything strenuous after AT, drink fluids to help flush toxins.

In your first trimester it is best to avoid essential oils, after 4 months there are oils that may be used safely, such as lavender and teatree. Client is supported with rolls and cushions, option to lay on side.
Highly recommended 2-3 times prior to delivery date.

Little to no staining with the carrier oils used, occasionally a resinoid/absolute oil is used which may cause slight staining, Gibson towels provided to tuck into collared shirts

Aromatherapy Massage on back


An ancient art and science of using pure essential oils for healing and nurturing.  Plant oils are custom Blended Essential Oils to meet your individual needs.

Aromatherapy Back 30min.  $50
Aromatherapy Full Body 60min.  $80
Aromatherapy Full Body 90min.  $120


Strategically placed finger pressure on hands and feet. Each point on the foot connects to the body. Reduces pain, stress and health related problems. Relieves tension, improves circulation and enhances nerve function. Great for maintaining balance and mobility!

What is Reflexology? What are the Benefits? FAQ's Prices
Client having reflexology on hands


Reflexology is a compression massage applied to feet and hands. The technique is described as a firm caterpillar movement (up and down) with the thumbs. This movement breaks down crystalline deposits that form in the reflex zones (area-spots). The Feet and Hands are a roadmap of the body. These spots may be tender and are connected to organs and systems of the body. Where your feet are tender, zone represents where your body is tender. (may feel like a finger nail).

Client having reflexology on feet

What are the Benefits of REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE?

Helps to relieve pain and tension in the whole body.
Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage in feet and whole body.
2 massages in 1, alleviates sore feet and reflex zones massage/relax/detoxifies whole body.
Relaxing, helps with stress and insomnia.
Helps keep you balanced and mobile.


Yes, very safe, relaxing comfortable treatment. Client fully clothed, except socks removed. Legs supported with bolsters.

For chronic pain or tension, I recommend 1 x week for 5 weeks, then 1 x month.

People who have sore feet, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis.
People who are on their feet all day and who need relaxation.
Especially recommended for diabetics (circulation booster).
People who wear steeled toe boots or high heel shoes.
Runners, dancers, people with numbness in their toes.

Client having a reflexology leg massage


Improves circulation, relieves tension and reduces pain.

Reflexology for Hands or Feet 30 min. $50
Reflexology for Both Hands and Feet 60 min. $70
Massage for Legs (15min. each), 30 min. $50
Massage for Legs (30 min. each), 60 min. $80


Indian Head Massage targets chronic neck & shoulder tension, headaches, migraine, sinusitis, insomnia, anxiety. Clears away long term pain and fatigue. Clients are sitting upright and fully clothed.

What Is Indian Head Massage? What are the Benefits? FAQ's Prices

What is Indian Head Massage? (IHM 15 min video)

IHM is a holistic massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face, sitting on a chair. Length of massage ranges from 15- 60 minutes. Moves include frictions, chopping, champi, lobster claw (power move), raindrops, shampooing etc..., using deep, firm, brisk and relaxing movements.

IHM is recommended 1 time per week for 5 weeks. Helps get rid up to 10 yrs tension.

What are the Benefits of  INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE? 
(IHM 26 min video)

Relieves long term, built up stress and tension.  
Relieves pain in the back, neck and shoulders.
Relieves all types of headache and migraine.
Relieves mental fatigue and negativity.
Clears up sinus congestion/pain.
Indian Head Massage helps with disturbed sleep and insomnia.
Regular treatments increase energy level and productivity.


Technique comes from India Known as the sister to YOGA. Used in India, daily, for health and beauty.

The IHM does not include an oil application. However it may be requested for additional benefit to the hair and scalp. Ben oil/moringa oil is used for IHM, essential oils may be added to stimulate hair growth. There is an extra charge for oil/s.

Yes, balding people are known to have mental tension.
Some moves are modified to be more gentle. IHM is known to stimulate hair growth.

As the tension levels come down the energy levels increase. Usually after the 3rd treatment you are feeling more energized!

Woman having a Indian Head massage


See results in 2 to 3 treatments. Best results with five treatments.

Indian HeadMassage Intro
15 min.  $30
Indian HeadMassage 30 min.  $50
Indian HeadMassage 60 min.  $75
Indian HeadMassage (5 PACK) 60 min.  $300

Add Hair Conditioning Oil To Above IHM, Mention when Booking


Introducing “The Ancient Healing Beauty Secret” "Kansa" pronounced "coonza" Means Healing Metal of Bronze.

Experience Ayurveda’s Best Kept Secret “Kansa Therapy” 

Bronze is a combination of Copper, Tin, small amt of Zinc. It is a hard metal that was used to make church bells, cymbals and bowls. Used to make weaponry, dating back to 2600 BC. Copper is very cleansing and antimicrobial to skin.

Traditionally, bronze bowls were massaged into the feet. This is historically known to help with eye conditions. Bowls were rubbed on the body for all kinds of body pains. Kansa Gives the skin a wonderful glow! Massage with these Kansa wands and ayurvedic oils, draws out heat and inflammation, acidity and toxins.

I have created 3 Separate, Deeply Relaxing, Kansa BodyTreatments,

Kansa Wand Set

Experience Ayurveda’s Best Kept Secret “Kansa Therapy” 

Bronze is a combination of Copper, Tin, small amount of Zinc. It is a hard metal that was used to make church bells, cymbals and bowls. Used to make weaponry dating back to 2600 BC. Copper is very cleansing and antimicrobial to the skin.
Traditionally bronze bowls were massaged into the feet, this was known to help with eye conditions. Bowls were rubbed on the body for all kinds of body pains. Many people noticed it helped with migraines, neuropathy, allergies and gives the complexion a wonderful glow! Now the bowls come attached to a wooden handle and comes in 4 sizes. Massage with these Kansa wands and Ayurvedic oils, draws out heat and inflammation, acidity and toxins. Deeply relaxing, mesmerizing Body Treatments that usually send you into a deep sleep.

I have created 3 Kansa Body Treatments, Victoria

Kansa Foot Wand

Foot Massage $60

30 Minutes

Application of Ayurvedic Body Oil, 1-2 Kansa Wands slowly massaged into tired feet and includes deep massage on the calves. This is the traditional Kansa treatment, known to draw out strain and inflammation of the eyes. Pulls out our fieriness, toxins and acidity. Known to help with migraine, Reports of energy moving up and down legs. I personally noticed my eyeballs moving up and down! Whiter eyes!

Victoria's Holistic Day Spa Web Site Image 1053
Kansa Wand on Face

Foot, Back and Face Massage $100

60 Minutes

Application of Ayurvedic Body Oil, Starting with Feet, working 2 wands simultaneously, Due to Bronzes high electrical conductivity, kansa works with the body's subtle electrical fields that run in our Fascia, 20 minutes on Back, with work on small marma points on the neck and head. Finishing this treatment with a Kansa Facial Massage. Working small and large marma points on face, neck and upper chest.

Victoria's Holistic Day Spa Web Site Image 1054
Kansa Wand on Back

Kansa Full Body Experience $160

120 Minutes

Application of Ayurvedic Body Oil, Starting with Feet, working 2 wands simultaneously up the full leg, warming and stimulating circulation, Working 40 minutes on the back, opening and clearing large marma points, allow the body's energy to flow and battery to recharge! Quickly and effectively unwinding the body to a level, experienced by few. This is a deeply relaxing, mesmerizing full body treatment, that includes your belly, hands, arms, upper chest, neck, face and scalp. Most people fall into a deep, restful sleep. You literally feel like you are floating in heaven!

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This Hot New Massage incorporates Aromatherapy, Thai Yoga Stretches, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure and the use of Herbal Stems from Thailand. Hot Stems provide the application of moist heat. Traditional Thai herbs of Ginger and Lemongrass Target, stiff, painful muscles, relieving spasms and inflammation. Increasing circulation of blood and lymph, helping to relieve pain, stress, fatigue, headaches and sinus congestion.

Clients may take home their herbal stem’s to extend their spa bliss at home.

What is Thai Hot Stem Massage? What are The Benefits? FAQ's Prices
Thai herbal stem balls


4 massages in 1, Starting with Japanese acupressure points, then Thai-yoga stretches, application of oil with Lomi Lomi massage technique and then finally the hot herbal stems, rolled and pressed into muscles. Traditional Thai herbs of lemongrass and eucalyptus waft in the air. Herbs assisting in the detoxification of the body

Layer after layer of herbal moist heat applied to the body for a complete and total 90 minutes. This treatment leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and stretched, like after a good workout!

Thai herbal stem pot for heating stem balls

What are the Benefits of  THAI HOT STEM MASSAGE?

THSM increases flexibility with yoga stretches.

Relieves sore, tired muscles, deeply relaxing for mind and body.

Opens chest and lung regions, good for clearing respiratory conditions.

Increases circulation and boosts lymphatic drainage.

Helping to relieve pain, stress, fatigue, headaches and sinus congestion.


Herbal stems are herb balls with a handle, made in Thailand, with traditional Thai herbs. Herbal stems are soaked in water and then steamed to keep them hot. Herbal stems are applied to the body at just the right temperature. When one stem cools, it is replaced with a hot one. Usually one stem used at a time, but at the end, I use both on the back simultaneously, grand finale!

No, Stems are not reused at the Spa. Stems may be taken home, dried out on a heat vent or frozen until they can be re-steamed.

Woman having a Thai Hot Herbal Stem massage

Thai Hot Stem Massage

Four Techniques in one

Thai Back Massage 60 min. $100
Thai Full Body Massage 90 min. $150


Heated Basalt stones, made from volcanic rock, smoothed by the water in rivers, gently release heat and inflammation. Stones provide strength and grounding during difficult times. Stones have a special affinity with the reproductive system. Heat penetrates deep into the muscles.

What is Hot Stone Massage? What is The Benefits? FAQ's Prices
Hot Stones

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Back or Body Massage with large smooth rounded lava stones heated to just the right temperature. Natural oil applied to the body allows the hot stones to glide over the skin without pulling. Heat deeply relaxes muscles, melting pain and tension away. Some stones are left on the back, while legs are done, in the hands as well as baby stones placed between toes and grand finale stones around neck and face.

Woman with hot stones on back

What are the Benefits of HOT STONE MASSAGE?

Relieves sore, aching muscles, relaxing in mind and body
Reduces pain and inflammation
Affinity with the reproductive system, grounding
Gives strength in difficult/challenging times
Warming, stimulating, Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage


Yes, as long as you are in your 4th trimester and you are not high risk pregnancy.
Temperature of the stones would be reduced and no stones are applied in the tummy region.
Client supported with pillows and bolsters and covered, Client may be on side for massage.

Stones are degreased to remove oil. Then they are washed in a-bacterial soap.
Then disinfected with Accel Prevention Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide 7% w/w Tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, broad spectrum sanitizer.

I recommend Hot Stone Massage, 1-2 x per month for muscular aches and tension, 90 minute treatment.

Side view of woman having a hot stone massage


The basalt stones heat penetrates deep into the muscles. Great for sore, aching, painful muscles.

Hot Stone Back 30 min. $60
Hot Stone Full Body 60 min. $100
Hot Stone Full Body 90 min. $140


The Best!  Bowen Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Relaxing Aromatherapy Back Massage and Reflexology.

What is the customized holistic signature treatment? What are the Benefits? Prices
Bowen Therapy


This treatment is customized to target stress, pain and tension. Using 30 min. of Bowen Therapy which can address specific painful issues targeting muscles and injured tissues.
30 min. Indian Head Massage targeting, long term builtup tension in shoulders neck and head. 30 min. relaxing Aromatherapy back massage to allow the body to further destress
and calm the mind. 30 min. of Refloxolgy on feet, helping to clear aches and pain in the body.

Indian Head Massage


Benefits of This 2 hour, 4 treatments in one to fix you up and recharge your battery. Combines 4 of the most popular, effective holistic treatments! Helps to reset your central nervous system.  Calming and clearing stress.  Helping to relieve pain and turn off inflammation.

Victoria's Signature Treatment Massages


I customize the four most effective holistic treatments based on your initial consultation.
30 min. of Bowen Therapy, 30min. Indian Head Massage, 30min. Aromatherapy Back Massage and 30min. Reflexology.

Victoria’s Signature Treatment 120min $160

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